An Insider’s Viewpoint on Implementing PPM for R&D

| Alexandra Zaniewski, Marketing

If you’re trying to hit launch and revenue targets, make more informed NPD portfolio decisions, and best leverage the R&D resources you have available, it can feel like you’re paddling upstream if you don’t have the right tools and processes in place. Luckily, there are leaders in the industry who have successfully gone before you  … Read more »

| Alexandra Zaniewski, Marketing

Get the Right Ideas to Market Faster For many organizations, making data-driven decisions on picking winning products and improving time to market is not easy. When it comes to prioritizing the right new product development (NPD) projects, organizations reach a point where they can no longer turn to spreadsheets and shared file systems to manage  … Read more »

| Linda Roach, Solutions Marketing

Creating a Framework for Focus and Transparency Many organizations use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and milestones toward their goals. For today’s customer-centric organizations, it is critical to align metrics that show the impact of programs designed to meet their strategy. We’ve seen this is easier said than done. Just last year, 73%  … Read more »

| Alexandra Zaniewski, Marketing

If you are looking for new, innovative technology there is no better place to be than South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. SXSW is known for its conference and festival, being an essential destination for global professionals who are looking for new technology and networking opportunities. We are excited to be a part of this high  … Read more »

| Rahim Walker, VP Commercial Sales

Whether you’re a professional or “accidental” Project Manager, the burden of evaluating software solutions will likely fall on your shoulders at some point in your career. I say burden and not responsibility because the pressure to deliver is real, visibility among executive stakeholders high and change management a tricky process to navigate. So how do  … Read more »

| Kristyn Medeiros, Solutions Consulting Manager

Gartner Report: Four Types of PMOs That Deliver Value OK, we already know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the PMO. But does your PMO attempt to do too little or too much? Or are they hemmed in by your organization’s oversight or lack of PPM maturity? You’ve got questions  … Read more »

| Alexandra Zaniewski, Marketing

We’ve been benchmarking project and portfolio management through an annual survey for three years now and have seen some surprising and not so surprising insights come out of it. When asking 100+ project and portfolio management professionals, it is always interesting to see how project management changes over time and how among all the changes  … Read more »

| Lindsey Marymont, Marketing Manager

Gartner Report: 5 Steps to Improving Project Delivery Whether blamed for lengthy project delivery times or less-than-stellar project results, many PMO leaders find themselves in the cross-hairs these days. No one wants to be accused of being slow or process-heavy when it comes to resource capacity planning. But PMO leaders and resource managers can’t manage  … Read more »

| Kevin Kern, EVP, Innotas

In order to move forward you must sometimes look back. In looking back, we’ve seen some patterns arise and believe these to no longer be trends, but core competencies of the market. This year we expect to see a renewed interest in some of these tried and true methodologies. These are no longer trends in  … Read more »

| Kristyn Medeiros, Solutions Consulting Manager

Did you know that Project Management has a long history, going back to the Great Pyramid of Giza? This great structure was completed in 2570 BC, but not without some serious organization. In fact, records show that each face of the pyramid had a manager to oversee the planning, management, and control of the work.  … Read more »