Continued Pursuit of PPM Excellence

| Kevin Kern, CEO

One of the questions that often gets asked of “C level” executives is what keeps them up at night? What are the addressable critical components for the role that ostensibly determine success or failure? Careers are made or vaporized if these questions aren’t contemplated, answered, planned, and then executed. In our business here at Innotas,  … Read more »

| Cliff McBride, SVP, Product Development

We’re excited to release the latest updates to our resource management solution and predictive insight capabilities. These features ease the burden of resource planning, allow you to visualize impacts, and confidently drive your organization’s roadmap. We are shedding light on your portfolios with two powerful visualization capabilities. Impact Analysis Release With the Impact Analysis tool,  … Read more »

| Kristyn Medeiros, Senior Solutions Consultant

Why does it matter? Both the top down and bottom up approaches are integral to project and portfolio success. However, it will significantly help you to know what your current approach is. With this awareness comes discussion on whether this is the approach you want. Many PMOs start out with a bottom up approach, but  … Read more »

| Kevin Kern, CEO

Enterprise PMO’s and IT organizations have been focused on best practices for completing projects on time and within budget while increasing efficiencies. In many cases this is done by cost reducing methods such as decreased or flat headcount, with expectations of increased production. Ultimately the advantage to being a customer centric ePMO or IT department  … Read more »

| Lindsey Marymont, Marketing Manager

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a useful solution for any project management office (PMO) looking to better manage and execute their projects and keep their organization producing value. Most organizations are able to manage projects in a task management solution or by using complex spreadsheets, but the truth is at a certain point it becomes  … Read more »

| Nils Davis, Product Manager

In today’s tech infused world, many companies strive to rise above the competition and get results from their efforts and ideas as quickly as possible. It’s okay to want instant gratification – our customers seem to expect it – but as we well know, anything great takes time. But shaving even small amounts of time  … Read more »

| Tushar Patel, SVP of Marketing

One of the most common questions I get asked is “what is the transforming role of the CIO?” It’s no surprise that this is top of mind for CIOs. In fact, according to a recent survey , 45% say that becoming a “transformational” CIO is their number one priority for 2016. This rate is  … Read more »

| Lindsey Marymont, Marketing Manager

It’s that time of year when the office is buzzing with talk of the NCAA tourney – boasting alumni, hometown favorites, and raw athletic talent. March Madness is full of predictions and hype, and while many people might stay loyal to their favorites, most people will consider the sports analysts’ opinions before finalizing their picks  … Read more »

| Kristyn Medeiros, Senior Solutions Consultant

Portfolio dashboards are a fantastic way to track metrics and progress across the organization. They provide insight in to project status, financials, and roadmaps, to name a few. Ultimately, the goal of dashboards is to give a big picture of how the work done day to day aligns with the company’s strategic goals and objectives.  … Read more »

| Guest Blogger,

Recently we had the chance to get some insight from the field in a discussion with our partner at Lewis Fowler and a great chance to speak with Amy Fowler Stadler, principal at Lewis Fowler. In our recent partner webinar, Project Portfolio Management in Action, Lewis Fowler covered common use cases for PPM including resource time  … Read more »