How Resource Requests Made Me a Thankful PMO Manager

| Kristyn Medeiros, Senior Solutions Consultant

Thanksgiving time always gives me the chance to take a step back and look at all the things that I am grateful for. Of course, I am thankful for family, friends, my health, and all the things that make my world go around. But beyond that, there are things in life I view as “niceties”  … Read more »

| Nils Davis, Product Manager

In our recent webinar, Getting the Most Value of Your Project Resources, we had the chance to really dive deep into Q&A, and get some good insight from our audience about resource planning and management. What is the advantage of managing projects in a tool over a spreadsheet? Of course, if you are a one-person show  … Read more »

| Lindsey Marymont, Marketing Manager

The PMO Symposium is the year’s premier global event for Project Management Office leaders. Sponsored by Project Management Institute (PMI), the event is a unique educational and networking business event for leaders who direct an organization’s portfolio of projects, programs and initiatives. This year the event will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on November 8-11, and will  … Read more »

| Tushar Patel, SVP of Marketing

Halloween is around the corner, but ghouls, goblins, and ghosts shouldn’t worry you. You have a deadly horror lurking in the halls, hiding in the shadows of your conference rooms, and trapped in computers waiting to spring on you when you least expect it – spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are creating massacres across the industry, cannibalizing  … Read more »

| Guest Blogger,

In our recent webinar, “10 Signs You Need to Reinvent Your PMO” our guest speaker Pete Fisher, Vice President Solution Services & CIO at Lewis Fowler explored some red flags for PMO leaders and gave insight as to how to solve some of the biggest challenges. Pete’s multi-faceted career spans 30 years in IT, management consulting, sales  … Read more »

| Cliff McBride, SVP, Product Development

Over 60% of organizations say they do not have enough resources to manage incoming project and work demand from their stakeholders. Innotas has been solving this problem for years and in this product release, we focused on extending our enterprise resource management solutions in three key areas: Predictive resource planning Centralized staffing Redesigning the mobile  … Read more »