Question and Answer with Pete Fisher

| Guest Blogger,

In our recent webinar, “10 Signs You Need to Reinvent Your PMO” our guest speaker Pete Fisher, Vice President Solution Services & CIO at Lewis Fowler explored some red flags for PMO leaders and gave insight as to how to solve some of the biggest challenges. Pete’s multi-faceted career spans 30 years in IT, management consulting, sales  … Read more »

| Cliff McBride, SVP, Product Development

Over 60% of organizations say they do not have enough resources to manage incoming project and work demand from their stakeholders. Innotas has been solving this problem for years and in this product release, we focused on extending our enterprise resource management solutions in three key areas: Predictive resource planning Centralized staffing Redesigning the mobile  … Read more »

| Tim Madewell, SVP Services

We’re excited to renew our partnership with Dell Boomi for continued success of our integration services. For the past seven years, Innotas has partnered with Dell Boomi, the industry’s first integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to simplify the integration between customer business systems and our Cloud Portfolio Management solutions. Since partnering with Boomi, we  … Read more »

| Kristyn Medeiros, Senior Solutions Consultant

The greatest dilemma of all time is alive and well. No, not if the chicken or the egg came first. The question is, “Do I get a solid process in place first, or buy a tool to help manage the process first?” Without a process, there is nothing for a solution to support, yet without  … Read more »

| Kristyn Medeiros, Senior Solutions Consultant

Whether your PMO is brand new or has been around for years, the vision is one of the key components. Without it, each person is beating to their own drum and moving in a different direction. Powerful and guiding, a clear vision will align everyone to make sure we’re all moving towards the same goals.  … Read more »

| Tushar Patel, SVP of Marketing

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software will bring several benefits to any organization, regardless of size, industry sector, or maturity.  PPM software will increase your visibility into the work your resources are executing, enable you to prioritize new work that is being requested, make your organization run more efficiently and ultimately increase the ROI of your  … Read more »

| Tim Szrejter, Director, Integration Solutions

In enterprises today, it is all too common for departments outside the IT organization to implement new systems, which we all have been convinced are amazing because of x, y, and z and absolutely critical for them to get their job done. Okay great. Well what happens when that system that IT didn’t even know  … Read more »