On-demand webinar: The Dawn of Integrated IT Management, featuring Charles Betz from EMA

By: Joerg Koehler, Director of Marketing at Innotas

IT management is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. DevOps, IT Service Management, and Cloud are overturning old approaches, and driving more customer-centric, agile, and integrated approaches to delivering IT solutions and services. The outdated waterfall approach of “plan/build/run” is being replaced by a new paradigm of “demand/supply/execute.” This new demand-centric model requires new ways of thinking about IT resources and operations.

For example, the traditional high walls between project management and the service desk are crumbling, challenged by customer demand for faster releases of new functionality – with no compromises on stability. IT resources find themselves pulled in at any point along the IT value chain; segregating “development” from “operational” staff is increasingly unrealistic in a world of lean and agile IT. And in this dynamic world, how to align IT execution to the highest business value? All of this is stimulating interest in new approaches to IT management tooling.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Charles Betz, Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates, and Kevin Kern of Innotas as they discussed these critical issues in IT management, including EMA’s research on the topic and Innotas’ innovative solutions for next generation IT management. Attendees will hear about:

  • How the IT industry is changing its fundamental management approaches
  • How boundaries are dissolving between traditional Project Management and IT Service Management
  • EMA’s research into the growing industry need for improved IT demand management
  • How Innotas provides solutions for these challenges

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