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| Innotas Team, Admin

By Samir Mukadam, VP of Product Management at Innotas We briefly mentioned Application Portfolio Management (APM) in our most recent post. Since then we have received many emails from customers and prospects on how one should go about rolling out APM in their organization. –Here is how Innotas thinks an IT organization should approach APM:  … Read more »

| Kevin Kern, EVP, Innotas

After reading a series of private equity reports, VC updates and actually speaking with some folks from those firms, one opinion is universally agreed upon: CIO’s are making changes to the way they hire and retire applications. The challenge is determining which changes will affect growth from both a personal standpoint and the bottom line.   … Read more »

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In order to optimize the allocation of an organization’s budgets and resources, IT decision makers should embrace application portfolio management (APM). IT executives often realize the benefits of having a well-established project and resource management processes while proper application portfolio management ends up not getting sufficient attention. However, having access to a full application inventory  … Read more »