Topic: Application Portfolio Management

| Kevin Kern, EVP, Innotas

Each year we review and reflect on some of the industry specific Project Portfolio Management trends of the past year and consider trends for the coming year that might have an impact on the business. Here are our six project portfolio management predictions heading into 2016: If you’re not managing your applications, they’re managing you.  … Read more »

| Cliff McBride, SVP, Product Development

We are excited to announce that Innotas has been named a “Visionary” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications (IIPA) for the fourth consecutive year. This is based on the extensive evaluation conducted by the Gartner research team of Innotas’ Cloud Portfolio Management solution suite. Visionaries in this analysis are recognized for  … Read more »

| Lindsey Marymont, Marketing Manager

LifeWay Christian Resources was established in 1891 as a way to supply theological content for churches that were in high demand of teaching materials for Southern Baptist Churches. Since then, LifeWay has developed over 186 storefronts and continued to provide teaching materials for students in a way that utilizes modern technology and encompasses an extended  … Read more »

| Tushar Patel, SVP of Marketing

The Gartner PPM Summit was busier than I imagined.  The industry is really taking off and organizations are seeing the value of PPM.  I wanted to share some highlights and my key takeaways from the conference.  Please share your comments and thoughts. #1 Your organization must become bi-modal Bi-modal is an organization’s ability to run  … Read more »

| Kevin Kern, EVP, Innotas

Last year, we predicted that in 2013 we would see the three Cs: Consolidation, Change and Collaboration—and we most certainly did. These forces will no doubt continue to shape the project management landscape in the year ahead. Yet trends on the horizon point to a renewed focus on the alignment of IT operations and strategic  … Read more »

| Kevin Kern, EVP, Innotas

While cloud computing ostensibly makes us more efficient, it has yet to make us omniscient. However, key trends are emerging that merit attention in 2014 to fully leverage the power of the cloud, particularly by effectively managing project and application portfolios. Those organizations that can capitalize on the potential that these trends promise for businesses  … Read more »

| Innotas Team, Admin

By Guest Blogger Christian Pedersen, CTO and co-founder, OneLogin    One of the exciting things about being the CTO of OneLogin is that I’m constantly learning about fantastic cloud applications to boost IT performance and security. There are now cloud applications for IT teams of every size and focus. For example, in the world of  … Read more »

| Guest Blogger,

I came across this quote the other day:  “Spend sixteen weeks in the jungle and you being to question your own sanity, especially when you are the one goading everyone else ahead.”  Tahir Shah Have you ever felt that you’re just slogging forward with no clear view beyond what’s right in front of you?  Or  … Read more »