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Remember when summertime was awesome?  I grew up around here and I absolutely loved this time of year.  There was so much to do:  books to read; friends to play with; a bunch of different day camps; hanging out at the Stanford swimming pool, going to Foothills Park for picnics and hiking; biking to Peninsula  … Read more »

| Kevin Kern, EVP, Innotas

It’s always interesting to read reports on the relative health of  today’s economy. Unemployment is ranging from 7.6 to 7.9% depending on the perspective.  Some of the jobless have been unemployed for long timeframes.  And with the sequester policies in Washington DC, this will probably get worse.  With so much bad news around job growth  … Read more »

| Kevin Kern, EVP, Innotas

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a reemergence of new ventures, technologies, and a general renaissance for high technology companies. Nowhere else is it more evident than right here in San Francisco. Even though the stock and commodity markets fluctuate amidst the brewing storm of the upcoming political season, we continue to experience  … Read more »